Manuel Monteiro Interview

Manuel “Manny” Monteiro,
Freedom House College Success Coach

Freedom House at Pine Manor College
Conifers sat down with an influential campus partner Manny Monteiro on April 2, 2019. Manuel “Manny” Monteiro is a person who helps with students here at Pine Manor College through his work with Freedom House. Like other interviews this interview was brief and help one understand Manny and his commitment to the youth of the Pine Manor College Community.
Conifers Magazine: What are the clubs you have helped bring about here at Pine Manor?
Manny Monteiro: I work as a Success coach. I work at an organization called Freedom House. It’s based in Dorchester and we have students that we serve here at Pine Manor. My organization provides support by helping students leverage relationships, reach academic goals, and connect them with people at our organization.
CM: What is your group AMEND?
Manny Monteiro: This group is something that I started when I was a student in college. It stands for Ambitious men engaged in necessary dialogue. We have conversations about stuff we talk about already such as healthy relationships, manhood, and masculinity.
CM: What are some of the positive qualities you see in Pine Manor Students?
Manny Monteiro: People are hungry to succeed. From the stories that I hear people come from different backgrounds and parts of the world. There is a desire to do want better for themselves. That’s what I get from the students here.
Interview by Gabel Williams

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